BurnShield Burn Gel 50ml

Burn gel that can be used in all burns (thermal, chemical, electrical, etc.) and skin injuries (sunburns, abrasions, bruises, swellings or insect bites, etc.).

It is a product that can be used even with the most severe burns. In the case of burns, the gel is applied to the area as a thick layer or one of the various sizes of burn dressings impregnated with the gel is covered over the burn. It cools the burn area, reduces tissue damage, natural tea tree oil relieves pain. Following the application, the gel or burn dressing should be kept on the burned area for 4 hours. It is a sterilized product. It prevents the burn wound from getting infected and accelerates the healing process. The dressings do not stick to the wound. It is water based, soluble with water, easy to clean.

Technicial Specifications:

⦁Sterile - bacteria static,
⦁ Suitable for all kinds of burns,
⦁Does not irritate,
⦁Contamination resistant,
⦁Cools the burn wound area and keeps it moist,
⦁ Minimizes skin death,
⦁Prevents the continuation and spread of the burn,
⦁ It does not stick to the wound area and is easily removed,
Stock code TM-BS-YJ
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