IV-Training Mockup is a simulator where healthcare professionals can improve their vascular access skills to administer intravenous (IV) drugs or fluids through arm veins.


IV-Training Model is a simulator where healthcare professionals can improve their ability to establish intravenous access to administer intravenous (IV) medications or fluids through the arm veins.

Product Purpose of Use;

• Intravenous access training,
• Drug applications,
• Blood transfusion applications,
• Blood sampling practices.
• Intravenous feeding of patients who cannot feed orally

Technicial Specifications;

• Package weight 9.250 kg.

Package Included;

• 1x Covered with silicone skin, 3 kg. ready-to-use RIGHT ARM from the game.
• 1x Spare silicone skin
• 1 spare vessel set
• 1x. Quiet, micro motor control unit
• 1x 220 V input-12 V output power adapter
• 1x 0.5 liter motor unit fluid reservoir
• 1x 2 lt. manual use liquid bag
• 2x85 cm. Engine control unit/IV Arm connection hoses (1 with Clips)
• 1x Arm placement base plate
• 1x20 cm. Movable, IV Arm elevation attachment
• 1x50 cm. telescopic, manual working suspension apparatus
• 1 concentrated artificial blood tank
• 1x Tourniquet
• 1x Dropper and stir
• 1x 5 cc. Injector
• 1x 22 Caliber intraket
• 1x Lubricant/protective spray
• 1 pair of latex gloves
• 2x spare terminal socket
• 2x Sealing connector gasket
• 1x ''L'' hose connection socket
• 10x Vein protective rubber
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